Many of these direction start from the first screen you see when you login.  If you are already in the backe-end of your site, click on the Control Panel icon from the Site dropdown menu in the upper left corner (just below the Joomla! icon).

Directions to edit your resume, bio, or contact page.:

login:  click on article manager icon near lop of screen, then click on title of page you want to edit.  Edit as you would will any text editor.  Note that your resume is 3 columns.  If you add a show, then you will need to add a director, and add a space (or enter) in the company column so that the information in the columns still line up correctly.  Click on save to save and close, or apply to save and leave open.

Directions to add a portfolio page (new show):

login: click on add new article Item (below K2 icon):  type in Title:  choose Category as Portfolio.
Add theatre company name to first window (labeled Introtext at right), or any intro text you would like to show up on your portfolio list page.
Add photos (see directions below) to second window (labeled Fulltext at right).  Save to cloe window, Apply to save but leave window open.

Directions to edit exsisting portfolio page:

login: click on Items icon (below K2 icon): click on title of show to be changed.  Change or add text in editable page windows.  Save or Apply. 

Directions to change the order of portfolio items

login: click on Items icon (below K2 icon):  I should have added this to the pic below, but if you first click on the order text below the number 2 in the pic below, it will place the items in actual portfolio order rather than the default created order on this page.  Now step 1 - Change the number on the order of items or press the up arrow or down arrow.  Then 2 - press the save button at the top of the order column.

Directions on adding non-portfolio page.

login:  click on New Article icon near lop of screen.  On new page, add title and select Section as Uncategorized.  Click on save to save and close, or apply to save and leave open.  Then you will need to link to that page from a menue or from within another page.  To link to the noew page, or any page from within another page use the directions below on adding a link.  To create a new menu item, follow the appropriate directions.

Directions on adding a link to an exsisting article:

Highlight the text that you would like to become a link.  Click on link icon in editor. Choose option "Content", then browse categories until you find the article you want.  Click on "insert".  To link to another source you can choose "weblinks" or "menu" or type something into the url field.

Directions on adding a menu item

(menu link to a new or exsisting page - after the article has been created). 
Login:  click on the menu manager icon.  Then click on the menu items icon (little pencil with paper).  Click on new (green circle with + sign) - from upper right hand corner (next to the help icon).   Then you can choose Articles / Article Layout for link to the new page.  Enter the title of the menu item, then browse for the specified article from the right hand select button.  click save or apply.  Then feel free to re-order the list.

Directions on adding an image from your computer (or CD):

Important note: I discovered that photos from theatre archive shoots are usually too large to work on your site.  The images must be resized to a smaller version (preferably less than 1500 pixels at it's largest dimension) before uploading to your website.  While I have tried to find a way for your website to do this automatically, I have found that it won't.

Here are your options to resize a photo: 

Use Photoshop, and image size to reduce the size of your photo. 

Download free software such as Able Batch Converter or Google Picasa

or use a simple Online resizer such as which will guide you through, step by step, in resizing and resaving your photos.

click on picture for larger version will help clarify these directions

First click in the page edit window where you want the image to appear.  Then click on icon of tree above (next to icon of hand and paper.) (Or, right click the mouse where you want the image to be and choose edit / insert image from the menu. which will lead you to the same popup.)


half way down on the right hand side of the popup window is a small icon of a hard disk with a green arrow.  click it.


In the new window, click the Add button which is just below browse.


This will bring up a browser window of your computer.  After selecting the picture from your computer or CD drive that you like, click return or open. The file you selected should show in the window.  You can add more photos right now  by clicking Add again.  wWhen you are done choosing photos to upload, click on the upload button, and you will see progress and then green check marks.  When all the files have green check marks close that window by clicking the X at the top.


Now you are back to the first popup window.  In the center of the lower half of the screen is a list of the pictures that you have access to with this particular editor.  Your newly uploaded pictures will be in this list.  select the photo of your choice by clicking on the title of the photo in this center list.  a small thumbnail version of the picture that you highlighted will show to the right.  The title of the picture should also appear in the URL entry space (just above the "2" in the picture below).  If the URL space is still blank or shows the wrong name, then click on a couple of titles in the center list to allow the editor to "catch up".  It will catch up after a couple of clicks.


with the image you want highlighted and showing in the right-hand screen, go to near the top of the editor where it says Dimensions and enter  150 in the second Field after the X (this can be any size but 150 is what is currently on your pages).  Then click outside of the number box to let the width box auto callibrate.  Then click on Insert at the bottom of the editor.

Now you should see an image of appropriate size which will pop up into a larger image when you save the article.  (like the ones in this article)

Feel free to ask any questions.  I hope this helps. I think it will a bit at least.